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GNT corundum molding material

GNT corundum molding material which has some features such as high pure quality, high strength, scour-resistant, corrosion proof and shake proof was passed provincial authentication Aug 1993, acquired the second award of technology development in metal smelting industry of Jiangsu Province. Ití»s main technical features reach the criterion of congener products in Japan. It is mainly used in outer refiner equipment of molten-steel furnace (PH dipping tube, CAS-OB dipping tube, oxygen-blowing and argon-blowing injector), petroleum-catalyzing and cracking equipment and the mouth of large concrete kiln, etc.
Main chemical and physical index
Tag of products GNT-90 GNT-95
Chemical components Al2O% >90 >95
Density g/cm3 110íŠí┴ 24h 3.1 3.2
Press-resistant strength Mpa 110íŠí┴24h >40 >40
1500íŠí┴3h >80 >80
Bend-resistant strength MPa 110íŠí┴24h >5 >5
1500íŠí┴3h >12 >12
Line-changing rage %  1500íŠí┴3h 0~+0.5 0~+0.5
Highest temperature  íŠ 1800 1800
The amount of effusion  % 4.5~5 4.5~5
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