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Self-flowing molding material
Self-flowing molding material can be dense as a result of the effect of gravity without being vibration for exhaust and smooth surface. It is high-tech product manufactured on the basis of solid-state theory and application of fire-resistant material. The product has some merits as following. Good fluidity, curdled easily, high strength, long life-span, corrosion proof, efficient construction. It can be used in these places that have less concrete or non-concrete, especially in the top of heating furnace, the bottom and lid of steel container, RH vacuum refining tube, water-cooling tubes binding system of heating furnace which have complex shape and narrow parts.
Main chemical and physical index
Tag CSF-60 Molai-stone self-flowing material CSF-70 Molai-stone self-flowing material CAH-90 Corundum self-flowing material
Chemical components AL2O% >60 >70 >90
Density g/cm3 2.5 2.7 >3.1
Press-resistant strength Mpa 11024h >30 >50 >50
15003h >60 >80 >80
Bend-resistant strength Mpa 11024h >6 >8 >8
15003h >10 >12 >12
Line-changing rate % 15003h 0~+1.0 0~+1.0 0~+1.0
The highest temperature 1600 1700 1800
The amount of effusion % 6.5~7.5 6~7 5~6
Use: steel container, binding system of water-cooling tube, top and wall of heating furnace, bottom of steel container, RH pipe.
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